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Nodin Weddington*, Alexander Stuy*, Ichiro Hiratani*, Tyrone Ryba, Tomoki Yokochi, and David M. Gilbert, "ReplicationDomain: a visualization tool and comparative database for genome-wide replication-timing data," BMC Bioinformatics (2008) 9:530

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Here are the papers describing the data sets displayed in the public domain:


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Yokochi T, Poduch K, Ryba T, Lu J, Hiratani I, Tachibana M, Shinkai Y, Gilbert DM. G9a selectively represses a class of late-replicating genes at the nuclear periphery. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2009;106(46):19363-8. PMID: 19889976

Hiratani I, Ryba T, Itoh M, Yokochi T, Schwaiger M, Chang CW, Lyou Y, Townes TM, Schübeler D, Gilbert DM. Global Reorganization of Replication Domains During Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation. PLoS Biol. 2008;6(10):e245. PMID: 18842067

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Schwaiger M, Kohler H, Oakeley EJ, Stadler MB, Schübeler D. Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) modulates replication timing of the Drosophila genome. Genome Res. 2010;20(6):771-80. PMID: 20435908

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Pope BD, Tsumagari K, Battaglia D, Ryba T, Hiratani I, Ehrlich M, Gilbert DM. DNA Replication Timing Is Maintained Genome-Wide in Primary Human Myoblasts Independent of D4Z4 Contraction in FSH Muscular Dystrophy. PLoS ONE 2011;6(11):e27413. PMID: 22096571

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Ryba T, Battaglia D, Pope BD, Hiratani I, Gilbert DM. Genome-scale analysis of replication timing: from bench to bioinformatics. Nat Protoc. 2011;6(6):870-95. PMID: 21637205

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