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ReplicationDomain is designed to allow you to quickly and conveniently examine and compare properties of chromosomes that are important for their higher order structure and function, particularly as it relates to the organization of replication timing domains. It functions similar to other genome browsers, but has unique features that allow one to rapidly examine and compare epigenetic features at the level of large chromosome domains. Our published microarray data sets are publicly available. Users may graphically display these data sets for a selected genomic region and download the data displayed as text files, or alternatively, download complete genome-wide data sets. We also provide a link to the UCSC Genome Browser for quick access to additional data on the selected chromosomal region displayed. Members of the Gilbert lab utilize this site regularly as a tool to mine structural and functional changes in chromosomes during differentiation. Furthermore, we have implemented a user registration system that allows registered users to upload their own data sets from any species. For user registration, please visit our ReplicationDomain Account Request Page. Upon data uploading, users may choose to: (1) view their data sets privately without sharing or sharing only with designated users (=Über Private); (2) share with other registered users (=Private); or (3) make their data sets publicly available on condition that they are published or "in press" in peer-reviewed journals (=Public). We especially encourage uploading data that allows the comparison of different tissue types. We will generate a new navigation path for each new species requested.

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