Navigating through the Replication Domain Website

1. Start on the ReplicationDomain Main Page. First select the genome you'd like to view from the genome chooser dropdown menu. The page will update the list of chromosomes automatically if you have javascript enabled, else click the Go button. Next click on the chromosome you'd like to view.

2. Alternatively to selecting the chromosome by clicking, you can also:
  • Specify the Chromosome by selecting the Chromosome number in the Chromosome chooser dropdown menu, and typing in base pair range.
  • Search by gene name.

3. At this point, if you haven't specified any particular data sets, you are given the option of doing so. Note the order fields; you can include and sort any available data set. Simply click the dropdown field for each data set you'd like to include, ordering them appropriately. Click Save to keep these changes and proceed.

4. The Data Display Page appears. This includes the chromosome, the specified range and the chosen data sets.

5. The selected range can be changed two different ways. The first method is editing the Range fields. The second method is mouse dragging a selection area over the chromosome.

6. Under the Plot fields, you can choose which data sets to show.

7. You can also zoom further by mouse dragging to create a selection over the data set you're interested in. NOTE: As you change the selected area, the display in the upper right will continue to update what genes are located in this area.

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