ReplicationDomain - Uploading Your Own Data Set

To upload your data set, first generate a single, tab-delimited .txt file for each data set that includes the following 6 columns in this order: Gene/Probe ID (any unique identifier of genes or probes), Gene Name (type NA when unavailable), Chromosome, Chromosome Start, Chromosome End, and Data Value. You can also add a present-absent (P=1, A=0) column as a 7th column for transcription data sets.

Then, log in with your ReplicationDomain account, go to the "Database" link from the main menu, click the "Upload data set" link and fill out the form with the requested attributes, select your .txt data file and hit "send."

This should upload your data set, which will appear on the Data Display Page for graphical display as well as on the list of data sets found under the "List my data sets" link on the Database page.

All of the current 14 data set attributes are described in the Documentation Page under "Definitions of Data Entry Terms," which includes Data Security Level. Users can select Public, Private, or Über Private.

Public data sets can be viewed by any user without a login requirement, but we require such data sets to be published or "in press" in peer-reviewed journals for database quality assurance purposes (i.e. a reference must be provided). Private data sets are viewable by all registered users with a ReplicationDomain account, while Über Private data sets are viewable only by the registered user who uploaded them.

Data sets can also be shared among designated registered users and user created groups. For information on how to create a group, please see our page here.

Existing data set attributes including Data Security Level can be edited later if necessary. To do this, click the "Database" link from the main menu.

Identify your data set from "List my data sets" link.

Hit "Edit," make necessary modifications, and hit "Update."

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