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Owner:David Gilbert
Species:Mus musculus
Chip ID (Array) / Flow Cell ID-Lane# (Sequencing):D3ESC2006x3_PA_Affy
Order ID:D3ESC2006x3_PA
Cell Line / Cell Source / Patient:D3
Differentiation State / Cell Type:ESC
Array Design Name:Mouse Genome 430 2.0
Max Y Scale (Float, 1.0 - 10.0):9000.0
Replicates:An average of replicates
Data Type:GE
Data Format:Positive Data Values Only
Comments:Affymetrix GeneChip MOE 430 2.0: 45,037 probe sets analyze the expression level of over 39,000 transcripts and variants from over 34,000 well characterized mouse genes with overlap. After exclusion of overlap and non-RefSeq genes, probe sets that correspond to 15,143 unique mouse mm8 RefSeq genes were selected, assigned mm8 genome coordinates, and PLIER (Probe Logarithmic Intensity Error algorithm)-normalized signal intensity values are presented. Present (transcriptionally active) and absent (inactive) calls are generated by MAS5.0 (Affymetrix).
Partial Genome Dataset?:No
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Citation:Hiratani I, Ryba T, Itoh M, Yokochi T, Schwaiger M, Chang CW, Lyou Y, Townes TM, Schübeler D, Gilbert DM (2008) Global reorganization of replication domains during embryonic stem cell differentiation. PLoS Biology 6:e245.
Data Security Level:Public

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