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Owner:David Gilbert
Species:Mus musculus
Chip ID (Array) / Flow Cell ID-Lane# (Sequencing):**D3ESC1313302&1315702Chr6/7Tiling
Order ID:7971
Cell Line / Cell Source / Patient:D3
Differentiation State / Cell Type:ESC
Array Design Name:2006-07-17_MM8Tiling_Set15
Max Y Scale (Float, 1.0 - 10.0):2.5
Replicates:An average of replicates
Data Type:RT
Data Format:Positive and Negative Data Values
Comments:2006-07-17_MM8Tiling_Set15: Set 15 of 38 of mouse 385K whole-genome tiling arrays. chr6:116,290,495-149,525,670 and chr7:3,002,498-47,370,177; mm8 from UCSC) sequences tiled at 100 bp spacing excluding repeat masked regions.
Partial Genome Dataset?:Yes
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Citation:Hiratani I, Ryba T, Itoh M, Yokochi T, Schwaiger M, Chang CW, Lyou Y, Townes TM, Schübeler D, Gilbert DM (2008) Global reorganization of replication domains during embryonic stem cell differentiation. PLoS Biology 6:e245.
Data Security Level:Public

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